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We express our gratitude to all the members of”VIDARBHA YOUTH WELFARE SOCIETY” for their vision, concern and consistent guidance. Since 2008, the school has grown immensely in terms of the school population, infrastructure and quality of pedagogical activities and the performance of the students in various domains of school education.

In the perception of the rapid economic, political, social and cultural transformations taking place in the country and places worldwide, it is very important to keep the school curriculum updated, thereby enabling the students to face the challenges of life enduringly. As a result of perpetual contemplation, we have designed the school curriculum to equip the students with the necessary life skills. A lot of stress shall be laid upon knowledge, gained through practical experiences.

Every student is talented. It is just that, together we need to identify and appreciate their talent. It is our aim to channelize their energy productively and to optimize their untapped talent. Let us together steer them towards acquisition of general life skill and sensitize them towards more serious issues, as National integrity, preservation of natural resources, global warming, socio-economic security, personal health, and hygiene.