Tapasya has set up well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Maths  and Biology to impart practical implication of the theoretical knowledge gained by students in their day to day education.

Chemistry Lab

Our well-furnished chemistry lab is equipped with all the instruments and facilities to carry out various types of experiments to understand the subject well.

Arts & Crafts

At Tapasya, Art and Crafts is an integral part of our curriculum and adequate time has been allotted to develop artistic skills and sense of our student. We have qualified teachers to educate our pupils in drawing, painting and various crafts making.

Computer Lab

Well equipped computer is set for students . Well-furnished computer lab equipped with 25 computers, printer and scanners is set to educate students in the subject of information technology, which is considered as key to success in the modern time.

Dance & Music

Music is the soul of Indian culture, thus Tapasya has kept enough time in students educational schedule for music and dance. We have talented and well qualified teachers to train into different forms of dances, as well as, quality folk and classical music accompanied by various musical instruments like drums, synthesizer, table and flute.

physics Lab

Tapasya has Physics labs consist of various instruments and equipments to clear the concepts of mathematics & physics and to ignite the curiosity of students in the subject.


Tapasya has built up a well stocked library containing books for various tastes and needs like books of fiction, reference books of general interest. Separate hours have been assigned in the time table for library work. Children are required to regularly enrich their class room learning by further reading.


Our Bio-lab is full of models of various organs and charts explaining the various functions of body parts. It also consists all equipments like microscopes, slides and many more to enrich our students knowledge.

Digital Classrooms

At Tapasya, classrooms are spacious and equipped with projectors, home theatre and smart boards. Students prefer engaging, visually stimulating, interactive educational materials that require them to collaborate with their peers and use an inquiry-based approach. Digital, interactive lessons offer students with rich, high-quality, interactive lessons which enhance their teaching experience.


Sport is the best way to acquire physical & mental skills and fitness. Tapasya takes sports very seriously and has allotted adequate time for students to play various indoor and outdoor games under the guidance of our talented sports teachers. Our sports department is well equipped and we hold various inter-house sports competitions throughout the year